Forget What You Know About Data & Information, It is Wrong

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Why Not Reinventing The Wheel Will Doom Us

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Overview Architectural patterns are generally reusable solutions to commonly occurring problems under certain circumstances and contexts. These are similar both in goal and thinking to software design patterns but operate at a broader scale. These address various engineering, operations, business, data management, and infrastructure concerns which aims to minimise business risk as well as enable …


Petya (2017 06 28) Summary This threat is a member of the Win32/Petya family. Windows Defender Antivirus detects and removes this threat. This ransomware can stop you from using your PC or accessing your data. It might ask you to pay money to a malicious hacker. Our ransomware page has more information on this type of threat. References News …

boxed chaos

“Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and information is in the head of the receiver.” (Dretske, F., 1981). Forget about the typical semantic and contextual lines drawn between data and information. If the receiver is oblivious, wisdom becomes noise.


It has been a difficult last few years. Probably one of those realisations that lock in one’s psyche as life both bathes it in sustenance while battering it with disappointments and hurt. A month ago, I lost a dear friend; a friendship and connection that is more pure than what most have in life with …


I have been watching the storm from ashore All scared, all fearful I am now in its grips and fury but unlike before All blissful for it is oddly beautiful


START 2007.09.22   After much sporadic attempts over the years to make use of this computer once more, finally I have been able put it in a slightly usable form.   Among the many things that was quite satisfying, the keyboard of this forsaken and abandoned portable computer feels very much at home with my …


To you, great wanderers of our world Not quite here, yet not quite there Your past keeps with you, its hold Your future beckons you to God knows where To you, architects & builders of our time Not quite old, yet not quite new Your sentimentality hones your rhyme Your vision separates you among with …


You have heard it loads … the killer of progressive heritage & curious creation … the bastion of lazy entitlement & smug stagnation … Do. Not. Reinvent. The. Wheel. … and the variety of forms it takes.   >>>   But what is the wheel? What are we actually wheeling away from, pun intended, when …