It has been a difficult last few years. Probably one of those realisations that lock in one’s psyche as life both bathes it in sustenance while battering it with disappointments and hurt.

A month ago, I lost a dear friend; a friendship and connection that is more pure than what most have in life with people and families. It hurt even more to know that and to write it even now.

Perhaps, the only way I have coped over the years with loss of all sorts, from family, friends, people, loved ones, money, other earthly ‘possessions’, and nature’s creatures are scars and lessons that I will silently carry with me.

Here’s to you, my best of friends, you imparted to me value with your time and life that I am not sure I deserve.

Noli & Korina – It takes two to tango
– Real partnerships are for life


Daisy – Friendships & loyalty can be & is most times better with non-humans.


Koi – Chill
– Together
– They think we bring luck, but we are lucky that we don’t care about luck…


[email protected] – Humility & Patience Feeds


Pancack – Wake Up!


Topps – Live And Die Free


Tuyys – Carry on…


May you leave this world and fly as dragons in realms where dreams come true.

Till then, thank you.


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